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Jobs? Higher education?After graduating in many waysPG courses or professional coursesJobs in the public sector? Entarprenyursippa?Ticinga or job-oriented courses? Focus on the issues
Bavitha Higher Education PG'Science' Ascent:Vippenduku life on Mars Hill landmarks in cancer research that deals with the space trips .. .. Each of the modern world 'sambandhamunnade sainsto! Similar 'vijnanaranganlo + high niladokkukovalante career choice must be subject to post-graduation! Emessilo Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Botany, juvalajilu are the traditional subjects. There are many specializations offered are in accordance with the current job market. Osmania University, 2015-16, Forensic Science, Genetics, Microbiology, Nutrition and daititiks entries such as the announcement was made in the course of advanced specialization in the MSC. .. MSc Agricultural Biotechnology as well as the Andhra University, MSc Human Genetics, MSc in Marine Biology and Fisheries is providing such specialization. They receive opportunities to finish higher. The Research and Development (R & D) formed in the wake of preferred diardivo, access to research institutions such as the Baba Atomic Research Centre, involved with radical innovations.
Integrated Ph.D.To give the candidates the opportunity to graduate with a PhD qualification in science courses, integrated PhD courses emessitopatu. Bangalore, Indian Institute of Science (aiaiessi) .. Biological Sciences, Chemical Sciences, Mathematics, Physics departments providing integrated PhD courses. As well as the Jawaharlal Nehru Centre for Advanced Scientific Research Institute for Biological Sciences, Chemical Sciences will offer integrated PhD courses.
After bikam PG coursesBikam can complete the postgraduate level in various specializations enkam. .. They finance, accounting, taxation, international business, insurance, corporate sekratarisip, Marketing, Human Resource Management (hecarem). These include the finance, accounting spesalaijesansku is in demand. In view of the trend in the job market, some universities enkamlo Finance and Control, Corporate sekratarisip, Finance Management enkamnu offer innovative specialization.
Just fill in the banking, enbiephsi, other financial institutions in the Corporate Finance Manager, Internal Auditors over jobs. Corporate sekratarisip specialization enkam vaitkalar assistants completed the job of taking the company secretary. Corporate sekratarisip those who completed the company secretary (CS), in the course of exempt some papers. CS course so easily be completed in the future, more efficient tircididdukovaccu career.
After bikam elelbi (tax laws, company laws ..) and good opportunities to own corporate companies.
Master of Arts (MA)Master of Arts (MA) when History, Political Science, Public Administration specializations like the only thing to everyone. MA in modern specializations are currently available. As soon as it comes to employment. Job specialization is thus guaranteed. For example, Harvard University Master of Social Work (emesdablyu), Sociology, Psychology specialization, such as providing a master level.
Social Work, Sociology courses for those who completed the voluntary organizations, corporate organizations Corporate Social Responsibility (siesar) umntayi branches of the jobs available.
MBA, MCAAfter graduation he established a career in management in the cesukovalanukune the Master of Business Administration (MBA) can get. At the state level or at the national level for the purpose of the aiset CAT, MAT, simyat, as ekseti is scheduled exams.
Currently an MBA in Finance, Marketing, HR, along with traditional specialization, new subjects have been offered the job market demand. Examples of Retail Management, Hospitality Management, Insurance management say. Entrilevallo completion of the executive careers in related organizations.
MCA: If you are interested in technical education, the Master of Computer Applications (MCA) course can be selected. A good alternative ways to build a career in the software industry. This course also aiset entry (up to Intermediate Mathematics ensieku only candidates who are eligible) written, it must be a good rank.
Teacher educationBachelor's degree in teacher korsulloki entering the BEd (Bachelor of Education) to complete the course. The entry edset written, is teccukovalsi good rank. With regard to physical edyukesanku Bachelor of Physical Education (bipiidi) course is available. Telugu, Hindi, some of the special skills required to teach subjects such as language. The language courses are courses Pt. Language Pandit Common Entrance Test for admission to these (elpiset) apply.
Job Oriented CoursesSome of the students completed a bachelor's degree and job-oriented courses are also available. These courses completed over the course of the modern portfolio. Some of them .. fashion design, hospitality, hotel management, tourism, pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, bioinformatics, BSE, NSE to offer financial courses, corporate communication, event management, etc.. PG or PG Diploma in these areas, the diploma courses to choose short-term period.
Foreign languages ​​..For those with foreign language skills, employment opportunities around the world. Due to the rapid changes taking place in the wake of globalization in various sectors are good opportunities for those who know foreign languages. Particularly non-English speaking countries, there are good opportunities for those who know the language. .. In this context, French, German, Russian, Chinese languages ​​for those who know there is a demand. Osmania, iphlu, jeenyu Foreign Language courses of study offered by universities such as the Translator, intarpritetar, teaching, phrilansing departments sthirapadoccu employees.
'Lalo careerThe banking, insurance, taxation, telecom, information technology, real estate and other sectors, increased investment in the expansion of the traveling path. This has increased the need for justice departments. There are good opportunities for those who complete the courses in Law. Bachelor's degree, completed a three-year duration of the elelbi / biel can of course. Law Common Entrance Test for admission to law courses in the state (laset) apply. At the national level, the introduction of the Law of Common Law Admission Test (clot) will write.
Elelbi completed postgraduate courses in various specializations. Intellectual Property Rights, International Trade, Corporate Law, Patent Law, there are specializations like. By completing these multinational, corporate organizations, institutions, legal advayijarsga patent, legal managers start their career.
Jobs laksyamaiteUPSC, SSC, RRB, the Public Service Commissions of different jobs, from time to time in relation to the notifications are to be released. Kanabaracalante academic performance in the current fierce competition testing programs have to keep on the competitive examinations. The latest information on a regular basis in the form of notes to make. The question to consider in relation to their exams. The Internet, through the media, such as magazines ksunnanga understanding of the information related to the exam. Past winners, experts engaged in the prescribed standard material preparedness. Coaching will also be necessary. Anubhavanike jobs in the private sector, they pradhanyamivvali target. Certain employees' use of opportunities to become a vecicusi it down .. .. do not waste time. The experience obtained. The higher the chances that the goal of the field. This in order to keep the job opportunities in the field of higher education.
JobsYupiessi sivils, sidiesSSC Combined Graduate-Level, Tax Assistant, Section Officer (Audit, Accounts, Commercial Audit)Esessi Central Armed Forces, SIRailway-eesem, gudsgard, supervisor, commercial clerk cum reservation clerk InquiryBanks - Clerk, pivo, Management TraineeLIC - dio, eevo, someFood Corporation of India recruitment tests
At the state levelState Public Service Commissions at the state level from a Group 1, Group 2, Group 4, divisional Accounts Officers and other tests to wrest talent employed by the government.
The increasing importance of all the categoriesThe students completed a bachelor's degree in higher education sweet post-graduation (PG). The postgraduate courses now growing in importance all spesalaijesanlaku. The Science, Mathematics are likely in the future, the views of those who are not now. Arts and humanities courses completed abhyarthulaku employment opportunities are available. Arts students emotionally, however, to change their attitude. Arts gruplante just thought of a way of testing the government's employment and other opportunities to keep pace with the competition. Higher education is better in terms of career ranincalante current competitive conditions. PhD students in science courses toward a long-term plan to optimize the thinking from now on.Professor ch gopalreddi, Admissions Director, Osmania University.

Higher education opportunities to highThe current competitive world of higher education courses as either high risk by practicing over. PG degree of specialization is more useful for the selection to be innovative. Currently all the universities within the postgraduate level, with new specializations are available. Increase awareness among students. Basic spesalaijesanske limited focus on inter-disciplinary specializations. Arts, Commerce, Science faculty of the new courses are coming up with all this .. it would employ in the future. By so doing postgraduate students to achieve their career in terms of the realization of the domain of the subjects at the forefront of the competition will have the chance to finish.Professor oanil Kumar, Admissions Director, Andhra University.

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