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Vaidyo narayano harih
Pure white coat, ghostly indelible smile, mokkavoni confidence, aluperagani dedication and love for the profession visugeragani natural jewels doctor. At the sight of the doctor and the patient is wearing the jewels restitution half. For each adugu the medical profession, working in a moment of social relations, humanitarian values, the facts of science and technology, mysterious ... these are prakrti parmatman Leelalu to achieve integration between the delicate ...
He grew up very strict childhood. Doon School or in education, or in the Concept School did. Books, pens also learned letters or writing with a finger on the sand. Five hours in the morning, buffaloes, cows bring his characters as they learn mestunte grass. In the village of educational, not medical sadupayalundevi. One big screams from next door, wailing was given. The 20-year-old mother was found dead, the average litter prasavistu parigettikelli child. Not a single doctor can not prevent such that even those who are not in the village worked on his mind. The rest of the loss of a child, the father of the brothers liked to have married. Another mother die before his eyes began giving birth to a child. Read the Stanley Medical College, Madras determined to win the seat was skilled maternity care. Joined the Army as a medical doctor to provide treatment. After four years of duty vakrinci arthritis (Arthritis) disease was sent to military action. Did ceyanikunda disease specialist obstetrician's fingers turn curves. Devuderugu the sake of surgery. Pattukoleni fingers on the situation in the pen. Also found it difficult to walk slowly while moving. But the strength, the determination, the confidence to let go. He thought he could do without the weight of the fingers to move smoothly on the fingers. He spent a few years as well. Slowly became a medical doctor in the eye. Due to the ophthalmic surgical devices and a lot of curves and turn fingers skillfully catch the eye of a master of his own and began operations. He held surgical devices, surgical procedure miracle if he is to be a hundred percent perfect anpincedi surgery. Entomandiki, but also teach his surgery. His involvement anpincedi're looking at the majestic painting of his surgery. Diaper innocence, mother's selfless love, cool heart, sharp vision, dedication and discipline, all that combined is evident in a rhythmic orientation / anpincedi.
Artist inanimate instruments, which are not life painter of the canvas, silpiki pranarahita rocks, showing naipunyanne by the Fine Arts (Fine Arts), he said. Apart from the dead by the living body of the born-again his expertise in the medical art that is really the Finest of Fine Arts!
To learn new techniques in the treatment of the eye in 1978, Michigan (USA) had a chance to go. The eye hospital, commitment, skills and why such arambhincakudadu also wants to see. Brothers, sisters, with the setting up of a service company ceyalanundani said. Muhurtam satsankalpaniki instantly. He was entrusted with personal selling gold and other family members. He was devoted to remember the words of Yogi Aurobindo.
"There is a power within that knows beyond our knowings. We are greater than our thoughts and sometimes earth unveils that vision here to live and to love are signs of infinite things. When we grow in spiritual consciousness we identify ourselves with all that is in the world. So there is no exploitation. It is ourselves we are helping, it is ourselves we are healing. Whenever you see a man is in contact with his soul, then he enjoys a beautiful sky, a beautiful tree, a beautiful bird, suddenly you hear a piece of music then you lose yourself. Everything opens up in a different way.
In addition to family members, home to two million in mortgage debt increased 11 beds devoted to 'Yogi Aurobindo' by the name 'Arvind started aspatrini. Tarimeyalannade from the earth to the lack of vision and ambition in perpetuity. Five million people around the world to take the risk of blindness among Indians in the fourth quarter. McDonald served in the restaurant's food division to have been made in a factory assembly line, observing that 70 percent of its components with operations in the eye of the normal procedures would paramedical staff, so that the cikitcanu doctors can do on a daily basis through the development of a method of surgical eye cikitca pencagaligaru several times the number of operations. As well as those who consume the goods franchises in the service sector, which is scheduled to be endukundakudadu treatment. Five hospitals across the country, "Arvind" expanded on the name.
Each level of the staff who work in the hospitals, in accordance with the principles of selection and training of some of the individual. Sarihadduluntayi liability for each other's duties do not interfere with one another. The source of expertise in order to work there, thinking. Training to improve the skills of the hospital. Aravind Eye Hospital in India, the same as if a doctor an average of 220 operations are performed almost 2,000 doctors. Throughout the country many millions of operations per year, "Arvind hospital 'going through. The patient decides to pay a certain fee or even free ceyincukoboye operation. If both are of the same quality medicine. Ucitanganu an average of two-thirds, one-third of the operations are paying in fees. The two patients who pay a fee to pay fees to the cost of a patient bharistadannamata. Lens import could only require early treatment. The cost comes to $ 200 per Lenski Lens 5 dollars each using their skills to make their own needs at the pity, 85 countries have come to the level of export. 85-year-old also vaccevarayana seven in the morning at the hospital. They see patients regularly. Normal life, honesty, adherence gandhijiye his motto. The doctor who inspired the world 'V' Everyone fondly known as Dr. Venkataswamy govindappa.
In the life of Dr. Venkata Swamy .."In nothing do men more nearly approach the Gods than in giving health to men" may remember the words of Cicero.
Asramaniko, go alayaniko arogyannandincatam better reception than being adhyatmikabhivrddhi adhyatmikabhivrddhi the essence of his life.
All of these great physicians vrttulakante. The most important lesson of the study is available on the civilizations of the world and, for that reason .. niladokkukogaligindi any civilization at that time, teachers, doctors, soldiers. Dhaname tsunami that modern civilization will survive the years of living, preferably on the sramakorci difficult to have the ambition to become a doctor. But this professional distinction does not exist and can not ... It is not the business can not ... Infinite alpakalanlo arjincakapovaccu dollars. Provision of temporary learning for the education of the short-term, enduring puberty, Atmananda that, over the years akunthita devoted to medicine, such as the penance galam compare? Polcagalama Banana Coconut tree?
I was in education NIMS (NIMS) former Director, Mr Cocker, who awarded the Padma Shri Subba Rao garu sanmaninci congratulated him on the occasion of some specific individuals.
Mr. Subba Rao said little chant his jivitasayanni the meeting.
Natvaham state kamayeHeaven on napunarbhavamKamaye grief taptanamChange lives nasanam
'' I kingdom, heaven, reincarnation are not on the quest. I only wish. Tapince misery needy eliminate the organisms ''. Hiranyakasapunni deserted narasinhavatarametti protect Prahlada hiranyakasipudini sanharincina narayanudu (Vishnu) Prahlad Prahlad, the matalivi given case. No matter how lowly, Aarti garidi the ambition of Dr. Subbarao. Variste them further buttress the value of such awards. Cadavalanukunevaru doctor, caduvutunnavaru, cadivinavaru teccukonte reminiscent of the well-known hymn, once they come to look for them. '' Skill, humanity kalaposina doctors human gods. How to create the life of the great ceremonies of bringing the same great daivakaryam '' the Volta aksarasatyam words.
Mother Teresa was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize. She did not want it to be. For it is not lamented. Piditullone disease appears to me that Jesus (Jesus in Disguise) was called. Anpistundi that will serve them so close to God. Hungry, ill, suffering from neglect alamatistu anubhavincetatlu ourselves to God sahayapadevare antarame quickly. Although air travel when she left the plane, or refuses to eat the food that anyone would ksudhartulaku tisikocci aharannanta, piled on. Kindness, love and supporting the small and large donations cruel neglect are being exceeded. In her words, the words will sound Pothana deed. (Rantidevudu a ksudhartunito)
Some're not going to madhurambuvulunnaviIn ravanna travumanna sariradharulaku napadaCcina to their distressed grannana manpiNondu sukhambulu than seyuta melunnade
Unnadanta ksudhartulaku been hungry for days, and at his brother's child tinabotundaga gotten a little out of the water remaining in the ksudhartiki tagabotundaga that a person is hungry and lethargic state solicitor so poor that even matalivi rantidevudu.
'Sir! I do not have rice, but is much softer water. Receive it. To assist those who have trouble making their peers kavalasindemundi me than that provided apyayanga water.
Mother Teresa, rantidevulanu established that at least alocistenaina about the attributes of the work that we do, in our profession, we're good scenery will change kpatham.
50 thousand heart operations, Dr. venugopalku his heart when it comes to the operation of his students experienced health care team in the all-time low of ceyincukovadame five hours of operation, coma and his first question he had to pesentlu in ICU. What dedication!
Saṃhitā encyclical Ayurveda Charaka was an expert in the medical profession who has to take a minimum properties and Coding. Like a hymn to the doctor to be told about the features of our forefathers.
Guerro radhi takhila medical vidyahPanih pituitary kusalah kriyasuhKrpaluh last sprho brave dharahSuddhodhikari bhisagidrsah syat
The study should be done and who will be facing medical science guru. Treatment works to be competent. Dhanasa be lenivadai. Evadanna has come for him to take the drug sucks the pulp can not be asapatakudai. Kalavadai jabbunaina manpagalanane be no courage. Clean be caritruduga. After all must amrtahastudai. Ceyivasi is crucial. Entitled to make use of such medicine.
Wrote on the wall of a pharmacy's "Never go to a doctor whose office plants have died". Avajyamaina interest in all living organisms that need to be around her. This is the sacred responsibility of medical education rather than the appropriate education. The reincarnation of the mother giving birth to a child. However, the birth mother and the mother could think of nakenti profit. As well as the punarjanmanicce doctor !!
Suffering from a fatal illness, also in a position to speak, and also obtained three times bypass surgery nadavaleka cheyirku confined to the wheel, suffering from paralysis could not see the suffering of fellow human beings and for the past 40 years, nearly three million operations, the genetic problems that occur in the face, the physical distance vikalatvanni entomandiki and confidence they have shown to jivimpacesenduku Dr. saradkumar Dikshit to antamandiki more difficult situation, and that the question of healing, '' tirustunnantasepu their problems, I do not remember my vaikalyalevi. Naval better life for them or for me to warm kavalsindemundi '' is the recipient of the Padma Shri. Even if it did not get nominated for the Nobel award eight times, it's my patient suffers the loss of his face or physical disability tanippudu perfect life than before confidently say gaduputunnanani andukunnanta eight Nobel Prizes antari human god has given me pleasure.
Biman as well as Dr. Chandra Roy (BC Roy). Mother and father of a child, the loss of a sense of service discipline, learned to understand the mind of their peers. Medical college scholarship were hard to read. College, by putting the message 'Whatever thy hands find to do, do it with thy might'. "Ceddamanukuntunna full power to do any work."

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